What we offer

MYM is an impressive platform for job seekers and new talents where they can create their profiles by using multi-media tools to market their candidacy actively. It facilitates a multi-dimensional view such as video, audio, text and image and can be referred easily to any one for better understanding.

Personal Website

A personal website is useful for job-seekers to build their own online brand. Each candidate can use their visual profile at MYM as their personal website and can boost their name in Google results without costing too much.

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Talent Show

Assess your innermost skills by completing a few set of tasks which are closely related to your job field. This great online platform has different unique evaluation techniques that make you more efficient for the job.

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Online recruitment drive

Online recruitment drive provided by MYM helps both job seekers and employers alike as it is a great way to accelerate the recruitment process. Just upload your visual resume at MYM and let employers do immediate screening of your profile.

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Visual Profile

The visual profiles at MYM help candidates to stand out their application from the crowd and impress recruiters. Create a visual profile with MYM in order to be more visible on the web and gives a feel of your skills to potential employers by enhancing your personal brand.

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Visume Grading

The quality of your resume makes or breaks your career.Our grading system is the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of your visume. We offer grading to your visual profiles to evaluate its effectiveness by allowing grade marks.

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Fast track Job Hunting

Improve your chances of landing your dream job by creating a visual profile at MYM. It is an eminent solution for fast track job hunting. Your visual profile gives significant impact for making the job search an easier process.

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How it works

Find perfect jobs or show your talents to the world through MYM!

MYM is an advanced platform for job seekers and budding talents to make a visual profile that help recruiters to learn about their candidates quickly beyond conventional resume. In this digital world, there is no better way to showcase your talents and skills than creating an online profile. We know the importance of your personal brand in the job market and bring this site to help you to build and maintain a visual profile. Each job seeker or budding talent can portray their skills using texts and videos in this site that help them to set apart from other candidates.

The significance of professional branding cannot be ignored in the job market especially after the high advancement in the field of social networking. MYM is a very user-friendly site with modern themes and a very responsive web design that gets your resume up on the website quickly. It is easy for candidates to upload visume in this website. Besides, it has a section for testing your skills and passing them makes great difference for your future. Build your online presence in a simple and low-maintenance way through MYM.

Step 1

Sign up now and start receiving the right job recommendations for you, without searching for them!

New candidates can join MYM through SIGNUP button on the home page by filling few details. Next step is to create beautiful visual profile to manage your professional identity. This is a great platform to portray your skills with videos, images and texts. Visual profiles help to grab the attention of employers and recruiters easily. Just upload your visumes and documents that display your accomplishments and portray your skills and talents. Candidates can mention their profile link at MYM into resume. It is a convenient and low-maintenance way for them to build an online presence.

Step 2

Validate your visumes and get scores through Grading.

We allow grading to your visume based on its quality. It is a way to get an idea about where the quality of your visume stands amongst others. MYM offer grade marks to your visumes which helps each candidate to stand out from the crowd. We give grades on the basis of different benchmarks and parameters against other candidates. It is great if your visume scores high but if it has low grade marks, we help you to fix it before you apply to another job.

Step 3

Be a part of our Talent Show.

Of course, there is more to life than simply doing work. We have a special platform to exhibit your talent and skills that designed to meet your specific desires. This Talent Show is suitable especially for creative job-seekers. Candidates need to complete certain tasks which are related to their desired job fields. Each job-seeker will get some experience after the successful completion of these tasks. Besides, they can show it in their experience area on their resumes. Think outside of the box and boost your creativity by participating in our talent show.